Hello my name is Patrick Gorman and I’m your local Federal Member for Perth.

In 1989 my parents, both local environmental activists and Labor party members, dropped me off for my first day at Lance Holt Primary School.

My Dad was a Principal of the primary school and my Mum was a teacher, so I know that a fair society needs fair access to education.

It’s about every child - whether they’re from Noranda or Mount Lawley - having access to the education they need throughout their life.

23 years later, and my wife Jess and I are raising our young son, Leo in Mt Lawley. When the time comes to send Leo to school, I don’t want a second-rate education to be an option. I just don’t think we should have to make that choice as parents.

Since getting involved in politics at age 18, and as the the son of a teacher and a school principal, the equal right to a decent education is something that I’ve been determined to defend, and I’d like to continue defending as a member of parliament.

I’ve also been proud to campaign and fight for fair pay, fair conditions at work, and for marriage equality.

I’ve spent my working life protecting the fair go, and as a part of Bill Shorten’s united Labor team, I will continue to deliver a Fair Go For Perth and a Fair Go For WA.

That’s why I’m so proud fo the be your local Federal Member for Perth.